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Poison Ivy Gone is America's best and most professional poison ivy removal service company.  Our specially trained technicians will come to your property, identify all the poison ivy, show you where it's coming from and explain the best way to remove it and keep it from coming back.


Under most circumstances our crews remove poison ivy by hand, carefully digging below the surface.  To be certain that the poison ivy doesn't return we offer monthly maintenance visits.  We offer the safest, best and most complete method of poison ivy removal. Our results are guaranteed.


People frequently ask us "Why don't you just spray an herbicide on the poison ivy?"  There are many reasons that we prefer to remove poison ivy by hand. First, herbicides are not plant-specific, so if you spray poison ivy and the herbicide touches any nearby plants it will kill them too.  Also, the Urushiol (the ingredient in poison ivy that causes the rash) stays active in a poison ivy plant for up to five years, even after you've killed it with herbicide.  Spraying with herbicide actually makes the poison ivy more dangerous because when it appears dead and there are no leaves on it to make it easy to identify, you are more likely to touch the remaining vines and stems and wake up the next day with a rash.




Our primary service area includes Northern New Jersey, Rockland, Orange and Westchester Counties in New York.  We also service all of Central and Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Long Island and the rest of New York but a travel surcharge may apply. Please call or use the form on the right for more information.


Poison Ivy Gone professionals hand remove poison ivy to ensure proper removal and the most effective remedy for stopping regrowth.

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"You did an amazing job and I am so pleased.  I am sure to recommend your company to friends and family." Mary T. Midland Park, NJ


"They got rid of all my poison ivy.  I'm so happy." John. Wayne, NJ

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